I cannot thrive in a world where I’m pressured to be continually grateful. Grateful because by chance I was born? Grateful because one day I will at random cease to exist? I ought to be grateful that this supposed gift of life was thrust upon me along with billions of others who live in varying degrees of suffering? I’m not grateful I exist. I would be none the wiser if my own existence had not arrived and that, in my times of longing and lament, when I wish I could do no more than sleep for all eternity, that is what brings me comfort. I am not grateful for being born into this world. I scorn this world and I find my existence nothing more than loathsome.


One thought on “Existence 

  1. Very harsh and honest. I’ve felt this way a lot. I used to be a hardcore nihilist…it’s hard to focus on the things we enjoy, and I’m not very good at it yet, but it’s totally worth it to find something we enjoy and are skilled at. I wish you the best of luck with everything. I’m enjoying your blog so far! You’re a good writer.

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